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About Us

About Us

At Painter Vaughan, we live in a colorful world! Please, step in. Allow us to bring color to your world too. We understand that everybody loves the results of a painting job but nobody likes the process. We assure you that we try to do our job with minimum disruption to your life. Also, always start on time and complete the job as agreed. Plus, we are available for one-day painting services in Vaughan, Ontario, too.

Whenever you need Vaughan house painters or experts in transforming your business, think of us. Let us give you some things to think about. Let us tell you about our team, work, and all you are likely interested in knowing.

The Vaughan painters you can trust with all jobs

All the times you need painters, Vaughan’s best team will be at your service. Isn’t this good to know? In spite of what job you need, our company is here for you.

  •          Interior painting
  •          Exterior painting
  •          Commercial painting
  •          Home painting
  •          Kitchen cabinets painting
  •          Basement painting
  •          Fence painting
  •          Condo painting

As you can see, we are available for full commercial and residential painting services. And when it comes to your house, it may involve the interior and/or exterior. Or, it may involve parts of a property, like just the basement, the deck, the living room, the kitchen, or the cabinets.

Are you looking for painting companies, which remove popcorn ceilings? No worries. We are also available for popcorn ceiling and wallpaper removal. Once this is done, the ceiling is refinished. In the case of wallpaper, new wallpaper may be installed or the wall underneath the old wallpaper can be prepped and painted. Speaking of prepping, this is also a major part of a painting job – no matter how big or small. Let us tell you about that too.

All painting services start with surface prepping

In order for surfaces to be painted perfectly and the paint to last for many years, the surface must be free of blemishes, smooth enough to have a good appearance, and rough enough for the paint to sit and adhere well. And so, the painters take good care of all surfaces before they prime and paint. They fix stucco, fill holes, patch, repair drywall, take care of deck damage, caulk windows, sand, and take any step needed to perfect the surface.

Why choose our painting company

Right now, we are one more painting company for you. Once you work with us once, you will realize that we are the painters you can trust with all jobs and be certain of the results. It’s not only a matter of being available and experienced with all painting jobs. It’s even more crucial that we focus on each project – however small. And all projects are completed by the book – however demanding.

The paints are chosen based on the surface and its material, your requirements, and the environment – interior or exterior, humid or not. You are offered advice and consultation about colors, painting styles, coatings, techniques – all things related to the job. You are also given an estimate free of any obligation and charge. Now that you know all the basics about our team, feel free to contact us to get a free estimate. The best painters in Vaughan are at your service.