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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Is there still a popcorn ceiling in your home? No wonder you want to book popcorn ceiling removal in Vaughan, Ontario. You likely fear that the texture is hazardous. Even if it’s not, you can’t be sure of it. And then, it’s hard to clean such texturized designs, isn’t it?

Stop worrying and just make contact with Painter Vaughan. Our company is experienced with the removal of popcorn textures and assures you that the job is carried out in the most professional manner, from start to finish.

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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Vaughan

Ready to talk about popcorn ceiling removal? Vaughan’s most experienced team is ready to answer your questions and send a pro to your home to check the texture and all things about the ceiling. In other words, we must gather the information needed to know what’s required for the service. And you need to know about the process and learn the cost of the service. Why don’t you contact our painting team?

Before they remove popcorn ceiling textures, the pros focus on prepping the room. The removal of such textures produces a lot of dust that must not escape to the rest of the house. Depending on the texture and whether or not it’s painted, the pros may also have to take additional steps to make the removal of the popcorn ceiling easier.

Experts remove popcorn textures and create a perfect flat ceiling

Overall, the pros come out prepared to be dressed as needed and prep both the room and ceiling before they break inch by inch the texture. The job is performed with special tools and the ceiling residues are collected and removed from the house. Once this part of the dirty work is completed and the room is vacuumed and cleaned, the pros re-prep and start working on the substrate.

The service involves removing the popcorn ceiling and refinishing the ceiling. There are always some flaws and dents and the first priority of the pros is to address these imperfections, leaving the substrate even, smooth, and ready to be finished. What follows is the last strokes to transform the substrate into a beautiful and modern flat ceiling. With the flaws fixed and all the sanding, cleaning, and prepping out of the way, the Vaughan painters focus on priming and finishing.

Are you considering removing a popcorn ceiling? Turn to us

Should we discuss all that? You surely want to know your ceiling color options for a brighter room. And although most ceilings are painted white, there are a lot of whites. Then again, you may want a different color. And there’s a lot to say about the removal of the popcorn ceiling – the process, what you must do beforehand, and more.

If you want to get rid of this old texture and enjoy a flat ceiling without paying a small fortune and without dealing with the hassle and the dangers such jobs involve, contact the experts. At the very least, ask for a free estimate for the Vaughan popcorn ceiling removal.