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Crown Molding and Trim Painting

Crown Molding and Trim Painting Vaughan

Want your house’s baseboards painted? Want the crown moldings painted the same color? Let us ease your mind by saying that our team is available for crown molding and trim painting in Vaughan homes in Ontario.

You are likely interested in having interior trims painted in Vaughan. If you do, be sure that all wall moldings, crowns, casings, and all kinds of trims can be painted. On top of that, we are available for exterior painting services. If you want exterior trims painted, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Painter Vaughan is ready to serve all such needs.

From crown molding to trim, painting Vaughan services

Vaughan crown molding and trim painting experts are at your service. Whether you want some or all moldings painted, our team is at your disposal. Some homes are filled with moldings, some scarcely have any. The important thing is that all types of trims can be painted. In other words, you can count on our team for molding painting regardless of the type of molding.

  •          Crown molding painting
  •          Chair rail painting
  •          Baseboards painting
  •          Window casing painting
  •          Door casing painting
  •          Picture rail painting

From crowns to wall paneling and wainscotings, all styles and types of interior moldings can be painted. Since the materials differ, all moldings are painted with coatings suitable for the material in question. Also, all moldings are prepped according to the material’s requirements.

All interior trims are prepped with caution and painted to perfection

What comes before trim painting is prep work. What’s the point of painting moldings if they are broken or even slightly dented? Before anything else, dents and flaws are fixed. Moldings are cleaned and smoothened as required so that the coatings will adhere well. In other words, all these beautiful trims found in your interior first gain back their lost good looks and then are perfected with the appropriate finish and chosen color.

Trims are architectural details whose profile and design are utilized to add interest and depth. Be sure that only expert Vaughan painters are assigned to such projects. Even the most intricate profiles are perfectly painted and carefully prepped.

Want wall molding painting? The crowns painted? All trims painted?

Let us also add that our team is ready to serve all painting needs. If, by any chance, you want the doors and windows painted along with the casings, let us know. If there are crown moldings over your kitchen cabinets and you want the cabinets painted too, just say so. With our company, all possible combinations are possible. Do you want the baseboards and crowns painted? Just the wall trims? All trims? Book an appointment to get a free and no-obligation estimate and color consultation. The best in Vaughan crown molding and trim painting team is ready to serve your needs.