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Wallpaper Removal & Installation

Removing wallpaper is usually time-consuming and difficult. More importantly, finishing the wall when you are done or installing new wallpaper is even harder. Make your life easy. Leave wallpaper removal & installation in Vaughan, Ontario, to our company.

It’s not only about focusing on other important aspects of your life instead of struggling to remove wallpaper; it’s mostly about making sure the job is done correctly. It’s about ensuring fantastic results and longevity. If you want wallpaper removed and/or installed in Vaughan, don’t think about it. Make contact with Painter Vaughan.

In Vaughan, wallpaper removal and installation

Wallpaper Removal & Installation Vaughan

If you seek experts in wallpaper removal & installation, Vaughan’s best team is at your service. We only assume that the existing wallpaper is outdated. Chances are also high that although its condition is good, you dislike or have grown tired of the motif. It doesn’t matter. If you want wallpaper removed, consider it done.

Despite the wallpaper’s condition and material, the job is thoroughly done. Wallpaper removal is carried out with special tools and equipment for effective and quick work. While the process is not always easy, the wallpaper is completely removed without affecting the wall.

Once this stage is done, the pros prep the wall. There are usually some dents here and some holes there. Wall imperfections are addressed, as needed. The surface is well-prepared and also, primed for easier wallpaper removal in the future.

With the wall all prepped as required, the wallpaper installer takes over. Despite the material of your choice, the wallpaper is installed perfectly.

Removing wallpaper and painting walls

How about if you want wallpaper removed but no wallpaper installation, you ask? Yes, this is often the case. Not everyone is a fan of wallpaper. Some people want to get rid of wallpaper and have the wall painted. Once again, you can consider it done.

The wallpaper removal process is the same. The pros use the tools needed and their expertise to effectively remove wallpaper. Once this is done, the wall is prepped as required. The necessary drywall repairs – patching, hole filling, crack fixing, and more – take place, ensuring a flawless surface that is sanded and cleaned to be ready for the finishing coating. Then, it’s primed and painted.

Wallpaper installation/removal/wall painting

Be sure that we talk about wall colors and finishes from the start. We talk about all things from the start. As a matter of fact, our team offers free estimates for all projects. If you want, make an appointment to learn how much the project will cost. To also get a consultation, especially if you want the wall painted. There’s no charge and there’s no obligation. You get to know details and your options and thus, make an informed decision.

If you are ready to get started or simply make an inquiry about wallpaper removal and wall painting or perhaps about wallpaper removal and installation, Vaughan’s most experienced company is ready to serve. Go ahead and contact us.