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Basement Painting

Basement Painting Vaughan

Want the basement walls and ceiling painted? The basement trims refreshed? Full basement painting in Vaughan, Ontario? Our company is at your service. We are an experienced painting team and available for any basement project. Are you finishing the basement now and among other things, you want to book expert painters? Is the basement finished already but a fresh color would go a long way? Let Painter Vaughan change the looks of your basement.

Basement painting in Vaughan

Most Vaughan basement painting projects involve all parts of the space. But if you simply want the basement staircase or the walls painted, we are still the team to contact. At your service for all basement painting jobs.

  •          Basement ceiling and walls painting
  • Most basements don’t get much natural light – if at all. And they are low-ceiling spaces. No wonder the ideal colors are neutrals, which will make the basement brighter and taller. If you are seeking such solutions for your basement and would appreciate some expert color consultation, don’t hesitate to ask for it. After all, when a Vaughan basement painting contractor comes out to check the space and offer a free estimate, they are also ready to answer questions and provide the needed consultation.
  •          Basement staircase painting
  • The staircase leading to the basement is a high-traffic area. And so, it’s best to have it stained if not painted. There are great painting ideas and solutions to blend the staircase into the whole, creating a cozy basement environment. With the proper basement staircase finish, the staircase will be elegant, easy to clean, and long-lasting.
  •          Basement floor painting
  • Many basements have concrete floors. If that’s the case with you and you want the basement floor painted, consider it done.
  •          Basement trims painting
  • Are there trims in the basement? The basement painter can finish them as well. Anything from wall trims and columns to crown molding and baseboards can be painted.
  •          Basement kitchen cabinets painting
  • Is there a kitchen in your basement and the cabinets look ugly? Or, you simply want to change their looks? Don’t worry. Our team is available for kitchen cabinets painting, anyway – basement or not.
  •          Painting all basement features
  • Be sure that all architectural details and elements in the basement can be painted – ductwork, window, casings, doors, exposed beams.

Vaughan basement painters at your disposal

Before the basement painters grab their brushes, the area is prepared as required. All surfaces are also prepped, starting with all sorts of repairs. When the basement is blemish free, the painters sand and thoroughly prep the surfaces so that the primers and the finishing coatings will stick as they must. Let us point out that the paints are suitable for the materials and also for interior spaces and basements, which are often humid. All such things are taken into consideration from the start so that the final results will be astonishing and long-lasting. If you are ready to get a free estimate and consultation, talk details about the service, or ask questions regarding basement painting, Vaughan’s most devoted pros are here and ready to serve. Contact us.