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Painting Services

We are the company to trust with all painting services in Vaughan, Ontario. You can reach us for any painting job – small or big, at any property. You can count on us for exterior and interior painting. Painter Vaughan is at your complete disposal for any & all services.

What makes our painting service Vaughan company the best choice for all jobs is the way we do things around here. You see, we know that not all surfaces are the same. They don’t suffer the same extent of hardship either. Some are truly damaged; some just need the color refreshed. And so, when you turn to us for your Vaughan painting service, you can expect a whole lot more than simply coloring walls. Should we take a look?

The broad categories of the Vaughan painting services

The local painting services, Vaughan people should know, are performed at all properties. We are residential and commercial painters. And so, we serve all customers, all buildings. That’s one big category on its own. You can turn to us whether for a commercial, office, or house painting service.

Then, we are the painting contractors Vaughan customers may call for an exterior or interior job. Do you want the whole structure painted? Just the interior? Only the exterior? No worries. And don’t worry if there’s a deck outdoors or if you want the fence repainted too. Exterior jobs involve much more than just painting the walls and siding. They include deck repair and staining, fence finishing, concrete painting, scraping and sanding, washing and priming – the works.

Indoors, you may have the whole place refreshed or just one room – or the kitchen cabinets finished. That’s major too. You can choose to have parts or the entire house painted. And the painting service may include all walls, trims, moldings, doors, cabinets – just name it.

The service behind the painting service

There’s a sea of tasks involved in even a rather easy home painting service, Vaughan customers should know that since it’s vital. After all, the intention of each job is to create a healthy, very impressive environment, while keeping all high-humid areas indoors and all exterior surfaces resistant for as long as possible. Two major things matter here: the prep work and the paints used.

Let us assure you that our company knows everything about all materials and how resistant – or not, they are under certain conditions and temperatures. We also know how to treat and thus, prep all materials and which coatings are most suitable in each case. And so, when you assign a painting job to us, you can be sure that the right products are used and that the prep work is done to perfection. And so, the service includes much more than painting walls and doors. Should we give you a small idea?

  • Wallpaper installation and removal
  • Drywall repair and patching
  • Popcorn ceiling removal and finishing
  • Exterior walls scraping, washing, sanding, priming
  • Deck painting and repair, fence finishing

And such tasks are only a fraction of what our team can do for you. But why don’t we focus on your current needs? Tell us what you need, and we will tell you how much it will cost and explain the entire procedure. Trust us with all painting services in Vaughan! Call now to book your free no-obligation estimate.